New York Times: July 2004 Travel Section: “But Moses Didn’t Have a Mountain Bike”

New York Times Travel Section

July 24, 2004

But Moses Didn’t Have a Mountain Bike

Spend Rosh Hashanah mountain biking and hiking in Colorado? That’s the option offered by Rabbi Jamie Korngold, in Boulder, Colo., founder of… Adventure Rabbi: A Synagogue Without Walls.

Rabbi Korngold, who has an undergraduate degree from Cornell in natural resources, was a mountain guide and Outward Bound instructor before entering rabbinical school. Noting that Moses climbed a mountain to receive the Ten Commandments, she says her aim is to take the spiritual experiences people have in the wilderness and relate them to Judaism.

For the Rosh Hashanah trip, she has teamed up with a Reform congregation in Grand Junction, Colo., to offer services as well as hiking and camping in the canyon country of western Colorado. Activities begin at noon on Sept. 15 and continue through Sept. 17. A tax-deductible contribution of $64 a person covers the guided bike rides (participants must take their own bikes), hikes, [services] and camping. The services will be conducted in the evening the first day, and mornings the next two days. Meals and indoor lodging for those who prefer it, at the La Quinta in Grand Junction, are extra.

Rabbi Korngold, who said that she had been conducting outdoor trips for three years, typically follows the Mesa Trail out of Boulder through the Flatiron Mountains. But she also leads trips to the Grand Canyon (the next one is planned for March 2006). Information: (303) 417-6200 or JOSEPH SIANO

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