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Teen Leadership Cohort

building the next generation of out-of-the-box Jews


Our Teen Leadership Cohort is designed to empower teens to continue on the path of making Judaism meaningful in their lives, while gathering skills to become leaders in the Jewish community.

The cohort supports each other as they take on increasingly greater levels of responsibility for themselves, others, and the planet. The teenage years are tough; the Teen Leadership Cohort gives students an oasis, a place where they can shine and help others shine.

Teen Leadership Cohort participants each have an internship in the Adventure Rabbi Kids classes, working closely with either Rabbi Evon Yakar or Elaine Barenblat. Interns are assigned to one class and are expected to attend all of the sessions.

The interns will be coached to take on increasingly more responsibility in the classroom. Rabbi Evon and Elaine rely on the interns to help lead the group and engage the children. They interact closely with the children, making sure that each child feels safe and included in the Adventure Rabbi Kids experience.

Additionally, the cohort meets once a month with Elaine. These meetings are opportunities to set goals, debrief the teaching experience, problem solve and on occasion to have an outdoor adventure as a cohort.

  • Close-knit cohort of 6-10 participants
  • Guided internships in Adventure Rabbi Kids classes
  • Monthly group meetings with Elaine Barenblat, Adventure Educator to set goals and debrief
  • Leadership Opportunities on Adventure Rabbi Outdoor Adventures
  • Outdoor Adventures

Who is invited? Participants are chosen from our Bar and Bat Mitzvah program graduates, with invitations being extended to our star students. Invitations are extended to students who are:

  • Responsible: We select interns who showed up consistently, on time and with the correct gear. The students we invite turned in quality homework, by the due date without a lot of badgering from our staff. Students who take responsibility for themselves are ready to handle the responsibility of caring for others in Adventure Rabbi Kids.
  • Enthusiastic: Enthusiasm is contagious! Students who are excited about their own Adventure Rabbi experience will share that with students in Adventure Rabbi Kids.
  • Compassion and Kind: Our Bar and Bat Mitzvah class provides many opportunity for students to step up to the plate and help each other. Our interns displayed compassion in situations such as helping a more introverted student enter the conversation, hanging back with a slower hiker and listening respectfully to classmates and teachers.
  • Commitment to Community: We try to select students who either on their own or with their families are likely candidates to be ongoing participants of our community.

    Fee: There is no fee for this program, although we encourage all participants to be members of our synagogue community More information about membership is here >>

About Elaine Barenblat, Adventure Educator:
Elaine was hired as our first full-time Adventure Educator, serving our base in Boulder, CO and our ever-growing Distance Learning community. She was selected after a intensive search, which reached candidates throughout the world. She was chosen based on her experience, enthusiasm, creativity and ability to strengthen our team of adventure professionals.

Jewish learning is fun with Elaine Barenblatt
Elaine Barenblat, Adventure Educator

Elaine is a native of San Antonio, Texas, but has always had her heart in Colorado's mountains. She received her Interdisciplinary Studies degree from the University of North Texas with a focus in early childhood and special education. For the past two years, she has been an Education Fellow at the Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life in Jackson, Mississippi where she worked with Jewish communities throughout thirteen Southern states.

Elaine brings with her a deep love for the outdoors and a passion for teaching in new and innovative ways. She looks forward to working in an out-of-the-box, experiential program, with endless opportunities to make Judaism connect for our youth.

Jewish Teens in Boulder, CO

Jewish Teen Leadership in Boulder, CO

Jewish Teens Holding Rope - Leadership Exercise

Rabbi Jamie Korngold with Teens in Boulder, CO

Jewish Teenager in Boulder, CO

Jewish Teen Hiking in Boulder, CO

Jewish Religious School Students hiking in Boulder, Colorado

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