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Climb a peak and a pass or two
with the Adventure Rabbi
July 17-19,2009

In 2009, we will be attempting a hard core, 3-day trip in Colorado including high mountain passes, Shabbat in the high country, great group of people, long days of hiking, hotel lodging, hearty food, and fabulous conversation.

Details for this trip are available by filling out the interest form at the bottom of this page.

Fee: free for members, all others $300 + hotel and meals

Guides: This trip will be led by Rabbi Jamie Korngold, Jeff Finkelstein and Raj Seymour.

Who Should Sign Up?
To be accepted for this trip you must be in excellent physical condition. Because of the altitude, you must live in Colorado or another high altitude location. You must be in great shape, willing to work with a group, and we must have met you prior to the trip on another adventure. We are unable to accommodate dogs or children under 16.

Yes, I'm interested in joining the 3-day Mountain Pass Trip:
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Athletic ability

In order to serve God, one needs access to the
enjoyment of the beauties of nature,

Such as the contemplation of flower-decorated
meadows, majestic mountains, flowing rivers….

For all these are essential to the spiritual
development of even the holiest of people.