Adventure Class

The Adventure Bar & Bat Mitzvah Class – Boulder, Colorado

The Adventure Class is an Expedition Style Bar/ Bat Mitzvah Class Taught by Rabbi Jamie Korngold.

During this one-year adventure, students will climb peaks, learn to make matzah ball soup, camp in the desert and learn how to change a car tire. They will learn about the planet, Judaism and themselves. They will learn to be responsible, respectful and resourceful.

Our goal is to use Jewish wisdom to help make the teen year a bit less turbulent years by instilling in our students compassion, courage, and confidence.

This life-altering adventure is only available to 20 students.

Want to start in January? Consider our Mitzvah Class, a similar class that starts in January 2019.

We can’t wait to welcome you to your adventure!

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Adventure Class Details


Students should be prepared for rigorous Hebrew studies. Most of our students tutor once a week for 12-18 months and do 30-minutes of homework 5 nights a week. We offer in-house Hebrew in small groups and individual tutoring online.

Most of our students find our Hebrew challenging but enjoyable. (Really! Our tutors make it fun!)

More about our Tutors>>
List of Required Prayers>>


In addition to Hebrew studies, our students complete 2 written assignments a month. These should not take more than 30-minutes each. Both are done as google docs and shared with Rabbi Jamie. The assignments enable students to reflect more deeply on their experience and to engage in an individual conversation with Rabbi Jamie.


Students celebrate Shabbat 8 times during the year. They get to choose how. For example consider a Shabbat hike, reading a book to a younger sibling, calling Grandpa, lighting candles, or baking challah to name a few. The goal is to help the student and their family develop a Shabbat practice that is meaningful, realistic and sustainable.


You have the ultimate choice in where to host your ceremony! We have lots of suggestions, but the choice is yours. The Rabbi will arrive with a sound system, guitar, Torah and prayer books. The rest is your choice! On a hike? In a fancy hotel? In your backyard? On horseback at a ranch? In Israel at the Wall? On a beach in Hawaii? We’ve done it all.

Students are eligible to have their ceremonies once the class is completed. We officiate at three ceremonies a weekend, Friday and Saturday at 9:30 and 4 pm.

Local venue suggestions>>

Schedule and Attendance:

The class meets a little more than once a month, from August to May. Students are allowed to miss and make-up 2 classes.  Orientation can only be made up by a private class with Rabbi Jamie for $250.

Schedule 2018-2019>>

Tentative Schedule 2019-2020>>

Admission Requirements:

To be admitted, students need to meet certain criteria:
-Want to be in the class
-Enjoy social settings
-Be willing and able to complete required homework and assignments
-Not miss more than 2-3 classes (Orientation can only be made up with a $250 private class)
-Be physically active
-Parents must be willing to be on Living Tree Ap

Over a decade of experience has taught us that the following students may thrive in the Individual Program but will not be a good fit for this class:
-Students who don’t want to do it
-Students who do not enjoy peer social settings
-Students who identify as Introverts
-Students who are on the Autism spectrum
-Students with social anxiety
-Competitive Athletes with inflexible schedules.


We accept credit cards and offer monthly payment plans.
-$5,000 for members of our congregation in 2019 (student and 1 adult must be members)
-$5,250 for non-members

Fee Includes:
– A private ceremony officiated by one of our rabbis in Boulder CO(additional charge if outside of Boulder)
– 15 classes and associated expenses
– Entrance fees for student and one adult to August Shabbat Service, Rosh Hashanah Retreat, Kol Nidre, Yom Kippur teen program and closing hike, and Passover Retreat (Meals and lodging are not included.)
– Membership for the student in the Adventure Judaism Congregation for the duration of the course. Note: just for the student, not the entire family.

Hebrew tuition is not included.

Adventure Class on Adventures

Registration for the 2019-2020 class opened October  1, 2018.  There is still room for you!

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