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Rabbi Jamie Korngold Appears on MSNBC - Oct 8, 2010

Watch Rabbi Jamie Korngold, live on MSNBC - October 8, 2010, discussing how Americans View God:

In the video, Rabbi Korngold discusses a study of the four different types of God, as discussed in the recent USA Today article:

Authoritative God - which divides world between good and evil, comes down and punishes us.
Benevolent God - loves us and suports us.
Critical God - hard on you in this world, but will reward you in the next life.
Distant God - 24% of population, dominant view of Jews in America.

How does religion divide and unite us? More information about Rabbi Korngold's forthcoming book, God Envy: A Rabbi's Confession. A Book for People Who Don’t Believe That God Can Intervene in Their Lives, and Why Judaism Is Still Important


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