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Please join us for a discussion with Rabbi Jamie Korngold, the Adventure Rabbi, author of the best selling book The God Upgrade.

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Why:  Learn about Rabbi K's
new book, The God Upgrade.
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About the Book:

"It's time to upgrade your concept of God," says Rabbi Jamie Korngold.

The biggest stumbling block when it comes to religion is God, even for an ordained rabbi who admits her rational mind "just can’t buy into a God in the sky who writes down our deeds and rewards and punishes us accordingly."

But not being sold on an intervening God shouldn't bar you from living a vibrant and fulfilling Jewish life. The God concept has seen many upgrades over the centuries, and it is these reinterpretations that have kept Judaism relevant.

In this provocative look at the many faces of God, Adventure Rabbi Jamie Korngold examines how our concept of God has changed over the centuries and how these changes have shaped every aspect of Judaism. She shows that by upgrading our God concept to one that is aligned with our modern sensibilities, the result is a Judaism that is both meaningful and accessible.

In an exploration energized with enthusiasm and humor, Rabbi Korngold looks at God concepts ranging from the earliest perspectives to some of the most influential modern theologies. Ultimately, she introduces a concept of God that speaks to the issues of the twenty-first century.

The God Upgrade- Book by Rabbi Jamie Korngold

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I hope to see you there!

We'll have books on hand if you'd like Rabbi Korngold to sign one for you.


P.S. Do you agree with this quote?

When two people relate to each other authentically and humanly, God is the electricity that surges between them.

Written by Martin Buber, it's one of the "upgrades" to God.

About Rabbi Jamie Korngold

God Upgrade - BookGod in the Wilderness Sadie and The Sukah Breakfast Sadie and The Sukah Breakfast

Rabbi Korngold is an ordained Reform rabbi and the founder and executive director
of the Adventure Rabbi Program, based in Boulder, Colorado. She is nationally
recognized for her innovative work combining religion and nature, as well as
for her cutting-edge use of technology.

A favorite of the media, she has been featured by Good Morning America,
National Geographic, NPR, The New York Times, Wall Street
Journal, Ski as well as many other outlets.

Rabbi Korngold is the author of the best-selling books
God in the Wilderness and The God Upgrade.

Find her at:

Adventure Rabbi

Adventure Rabbi:
Twitter: @adventurerabbi