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Suggested Ceremony Locations
and other Ceremony Information

For Bar & Bat Mitzvahs
in Boulder & Denver, Colorado

An alternative Bar/ Bat Mitzvah Class
taught by Rabbi Jamie Korngold
with Rabbi Evon Yakar
and Jeff Finkelstein
combining outdoor adventures with Jewish learning
based in Boulder Colorado.


Our Favorite Bar and Bat Mitzvah Ceremony Locations:
Hiking, skiing, horseback riding... or for those who prefer a seat, consider these fine destinations:

Camp Wondervu, Golden Colorado (31 minutes from South Boulder)
Camp Wondervu is a new option and a wonderful one! Looking for a campy, inspiring outdoor experience? This is it! With a lake, amphitheater, hiking trails, indoor options for bad weather, even lodging for your out-of-town guests, this venue will help create as incredible Adventure Rabbi style experience for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah. The camp is owned by Tommy Feldman, as Adventure Rabbi member, so you can know that you will get the best treatment at camp.

Jaycee or Wood Shelter, Boulder Colorado
A favorite outdoor location overlooking Boulder, is the Jaycee or Wood Shelter on Flagstaff Mountain. With some rental chairs and tables, you can easily convert this rustic setting into a unforgettable Bar Mitzvah venue. This is also great if you want to start with a short, easy hike. Consider renting a food truck or call one of our caters for an easy post-ceremony lunch or dinner. (Note: There are pit-toilets.)

Flagstaff Amphitheater, Boulder Colorado
The Amphitheater boasts inspirational views in an historic venue. The venue is lovely for 6 pm services. Please do not book it for daytime ceremonies. It is too hot in the direct sun. Following the service, consider renting the large picnic area. throw some tablecloths on the picnics tables and you have an instant party. Consider hiring a food truck or bring up a spread from Whole Foods or Costco. (Note: There are pit-toilets.)

Betasso Preserve, Boulder, Colorado
The Bestasso Preserve is located about 20-minutes outside of Boulder. With beautiful hiking trails and a lovely shelter to shade your guests from the sun, this venue is sensational. Consider starting with a hike for those who can hike and ending with a picnic under the shelter. Ideal for groups under 50 because parking can be a nuisance.

Community House in Chautauqua Park, Boulder, Colorado.
A charming, indoor venue that seats 75 people. The Chautauqua special events staff will provide the set-up for you, leaving you free to focus on other things. Your guests can even stay in the park in the lovely rental cabins. This is a perfect venue if you want to do a short hike before the service. The room can easily by converted to table setting for a lovely party afterwards, using their in-house caterer, whose food is wonderful. (The Community House is difficult to book May-August )

Star House
The Star House is a unique and lovely venue for the more spiritually minded. Located just a few miles outside of Boulder, your guests will immediately feel at peace in this sacred space. If you are looking for a venue to unite your group and highlight the sacredness of the day, look no further. Great for hikes. Note: the bathroom is a small outdoor walk from the sanctuary.

Boulder JCC
The Boulder JCC is a favorite venue, offering beautiful outdoor and indoor settings, a variety of set-up options, flexibility to accommodate changing weather and top-notch event support.  The building was designed to “let the outdoors in” so even the indoor locations offer awe inspiriting views. If you are looking for a high-end venue, look no further. All the comforts and beauty of a star venue.

CUCC Church, Boulder Colorado
The CUCC church
on Table Mesa as long been a favorite venue for our congregation. We frequently use this venue for our Friday night Shabbat services. The space is circular and sacred feeling and is not overbearingly filled with non-Jewish symbols. The sanctuary can seat 125 in comfortable chairs and offers a good sound system. There is a kitchen so you can bring in your own caterer and serve a great meal in the social hall and outside on the patios. Consider following that up with a game of Capture the Flag or flashlight tag on the adjacent play field.

Boulder Integral Center, North Boulder Colorado
A new venue on our list, the Boulder Integral Center offers a beautiful sanctuary with high ceilings. There are multiple spaces for a party and nooks for people to hang out and visit. There is a kitchen so you can bring the caterer of your choice. There are not great hiking options on the property, but its a lovely venue.

Rembrandt Yard, Boulder Colorado
If you are looking for a sophisticated indoor location, the Rembrandt Yard in Downtown Boulder may be the perfect fit. This upscale gallery is beautifully designed to host ceremonies and parties. The multi-level layout enables you to have the service on the second floor and then move upstairs for the meal. Your guests can even stay right next door at the historic Boulderado Hotel. If you have East Coast relatives with clear expectations of what a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah looks like, this could work. Your guests will be comfortably seated in a lovely room. Bring in your own event planner and caterer and you are good to go.

Colorado Mountain Ranch at Gold Hill, Gold Hill Colorado
Looking for a mountain venue? Here is one that will set the bar high for all your friends. The camp has built a rustic amphitheater into the forest. Your guests will be immersed in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. The owners of the camp will prepare a delicious meal for your guests, served in a hide log cabin with wrap around decks. Horseback riding, ropes course and other activities are available.

Glacier View Ranch, Ward, Colorado
Glacier View Ranch, just 30-minutes from Boulder, offers both an outside amphitheater overlooking a lake and an indoor sanctuary that can seat 500. Glacier view Ranch is where we hold our Rosh Hashanah retreat. Lodging and lake-side camping is available. There is a kitchen and large dinning hall (campy) and you can bring your own caterer or use theirs, if you want to serve camp food.

Your (or a Friend's) Backyard
How about setting up a tent in your backyard? Some of the nicest ceremonies we have done have been in the family's backyard. With a simple tent to protect from rain and sun, your backyard can easily be turned into a wonderful event venue. Bring in a caterer or order from Whole Foods or Costso, or invite your neighbors to pitch in. All have been done in the past and worked great.

The caterer who provides the food on our High Holiday and Passover retreats is wonderful at Bar and Bat Mitzvah events. His food is stupendous and although it is served beautifully, your money will go more towards great food than elaborate set-ups. He has even catered meals in remote locations with no electricity or running water, although it does indeed help if he has access to both! easy to work with, fair pricing, delicous food and wonderful presentations. Send us an email and we will give you his contact information.

Where Else Are the Ceremonies?
You can pick your own venue, although we appreciate low key venues that take the emphasis away from conscious consumption rather than fancy hotels. That said, we have done events in the best of the best including the Garden of the God Country Club and the Broadmoor to name a few.

Small ceremonies often take place as part of a morning hike, while larger ceremonies are generally held in locations where everyone can sit in chairs in order to minimize the impact of large groups on the wilderness.

Ceremony Details:
The rabbi will bring the backpacking Torah and prayerbooks to the ceremony site of your choosing. You will be responsible for setting up the service site with chairs and tables as needed. When you are ready to plan the ceremony, we have great resources Find This All Here>>:

  • The Bar or Bat Mitzvah student's large print version of the prayerbook Here>>
  • The guests booklet format version of the prayerbook (same content, different format) Here>>
  • A diagram of how to set up the service venue Here>>
  • The honors you will be able to give out to guess Here>>
  • A list of items you will need to bring to the serviceHere>>

Who officiates at the ceremony?
Rabbi Korngold generally officiates at ceremonies for the Adventure Class in Boulder and Rabbi Yakar tends to officiate at ceremonies that are in Lake Tahoe (where he lives) or out of state. Check with us to see who is available on the date you prefer.

How will we plan it?
A month or two before the ceremony your family will have two meetings with Rabbi Korngold or Rabbi Yakar to plan and rehearse the ceremony.

Do we get to personalize the ceremony?
Yes! We can include as many of your guests as you would like. You can even write your own prayerbook, although most families opt to use the service we created.

Bar Mitzvah Rabbi for destination eventCan the Torah go outside? Because we use a paper Torah rather than a kosher parchment Torah (which might be damaged by the elements) our ceremonies can take place in any location, as accessible or adventurous as your family chooses.

View Outdoor Bar Mitzvah One Minute Video >>

Or, view photos from a recent Skiing Bat Mitzvah at Copper Mountain >>

What about having the Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony up in the Mountains or beyond Colorado?
We are happy to send one of our rabbis to officiate at ceremonies outside of Boulder. We have sent our rabbis all over the world inlcuding to venues in Canada, Israel and all over the USA. Obviously it costs a bit more, because it takes more of the Rabbi's time. You can review the pricing schedule here>>

Destination Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvahs>>

Other Commonly Asked Questions:
We have family members who can't hike, but we know a Bar or Bat Mitzvah that includes hiking with the Adventure Rabbi is an amazing and unique experience. Is there any way we can incorporate a little hiking?

We suggest adding a hiking Friday night service led by Rabbi Jamie Korngold and her guitar. That way even if your Saturday service can't be on the trail because not everyone is physically capable of hiking, at least a subset of the group can enjoy that amazing experience on Friday night. We have found that the cohesive feeling created in the smaller group rapidly spreads to the entire group.

Can we also add a short hiking piece on Saturday?
There are many venues that enable us to begin the service with a little hike and then come back to the main venue so that those who cannot hike site will not miss too much.

How will the rest of our family get to know Rabbi Korngold?
We strongly encourage your family to participate in Adventure Rabbi events throughout the year so that you can all build a relationship with Rabbi Korngold and our larger community. You will meet an amazing group of people, eager to find a meaningful way to experience their Judaism.

In order to facilitate this we will give your Bar or Bat Mitzvah student a free membership to the Adventure Rabbi: Synagogue Without Walls.

We also recommend reading Rabbi Korngold's books to get a sense of who she is and how she works.

Adventure Bar & Bat Mitzvah Class:
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Come to Colorado for an Adventurous Bar MitzvahAfter reading through this information, if you feel an Adventure Rabbi Bar and Bat mitzvah will be a good fit for your family, please either:

Which Program is Right for Your Bar or Bat Mitzvah?

Individual Bar and Bat Mitzvah Program
Option for Distance Learning and Destination Ceremonies
(10 months, you pick the start date)
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Adventure Bar and Bat Mitzvah Class, Boulder, Colorado
(10 months, August - May)
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Bar and Bat Yisrael, a less intensive coming of age program without Hebrew
Option for Distance Learning
(12 weeks)
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Israel Bar or Bat Mitzvah Ceremony
>Adventure Rabbi bar or bat mitzvah training with Rabbi Evon Yakar during monthly Skype meetings or as part of the Adventure Class
>Individual Hebrew tutoring with your own tutor
>Unforgettable unique bar or bat mitzvah ceremony in Israel.
Locations include the Robinson Arch at the Western Wall, the Ancient Synagogue in Ein Gedi and atop Masada

More info click here>>

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Individual Bar & Bat Mitzvah Program

OPTION 2: Adventure
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OPTION 3: Bar & Bat Yisrael

OPTION 4: Summer Bar & Bat Mitzvah Expedition
OPTION 5: Bar Mitzvah in Israel or Bat Mitzvah in Israel