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Jewish Teen Summer Expedition


A Two Week Wilderness Journey in the Back Country of Colorado with Rabbi Evon Yakar
July 11-24, 2012

Link to application>>

Learn about yourself, your community, the wilderness, and Judaism.

Rabbi Evon Yakar and additional Adventure Rabbi Staff will lead this awesome summer expedition for Jewish teens into the wilderness, the place in which Judaism began. On this summer trip we explore hidden trails through Rocky Mountain National Park and the Buffalo Peaks Wilderness, we will also explore what it means to be Jewish teen in the year 2012.

We learn how to pitch a tent, cook over a camp stove, carry a backpack, and navigate with map and compass. Our new found skills allow us to access pristine wilderness and it is in this gorgeous setting that we study ancient texts and learn what Judaism can teach us about low impact camping and the treatment of the earth.

After long beautiful hikes through the mountains and hardy meals we prepare ourselves we will enjoy late night discussions. We may explore topics such as: How can Judaism help equip us for the challenges of the turbulent teenage years? How can Judaism help us to make good choices about what to post on Facebook and what to text? What can our ancient Jewish wisdom teach us about how to deal with mean classmates and to engage peacefully with our parents?

          Aspen Trees by Maroon Bells in Aspen, Colorado

Shabbat, a day of rest, takes on a new meaning after days of exertion. We will celebrate two Shabbats in the backcountry, a welcome respite and chance to quiet of minds and still our bodies. We carry a backpacking Torah on our backs that we read on Shabbat. Suddenly the prayers become infused with meaning.

Join us as we present Judaism in a new accessible and relevant manner. New friends, new sights, new understandings about ourselves and the world we inhabit await you.

Sound good? Here are the details:

For students entering 9th, 10th and 11th grades. No Jewish or outdoors experience is required but you must be in excellent physical condition and determined to navigate conditions that can be physically challenging including carrying a pack, hiking difficult terrain, and facing variable weather conditions.

          Blue skies, mountains and green grass fields, during a backpacking trip in the mountains of Colorado.

The fee is $2,500
($500 camperships are currently available)
(Does not include transportation to Denver)
Monthly payment plans are available. A $500 non-refundable deposit holds your spot. Ready to apply? Application is here>>

About Rabbi Evon Yakar:
Rabbi Evon lives in South Lake Tahoe, California and oversees the AR Distance Learning Program. He works part-time for the Adventure Rabbi Program and part time as the Rabbi at Temple Bat Yam. He specializes in youth education and is an expert at making Judaism relevant and meaningful to teenagers.

Rabbi Evon is passionate about sharing Judaism with his students and loves the opportunity an expedition setting provides to be together as a group.

Rabbi Evon recently built a new road bike and can often be found riding the beautiful roads and trails near his home in South Lake Tahoe California. Rabbi Evon also loves skiing, hiking, and playing ice hockey. In his free time you can find him hiking with his wife Rachel and their dog Sasha.


jewish backpacking summer trip colorado
          Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park


teen summer trip outdoors       Getting a Good Night Sleep Before a Peak Climb


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