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Contract For Bar & Bat Mitzvah Services:

This form will serve as a contractual agreement for rabbinical services and enrollment in our Bar and Bat Mitzvah program.

A minimum of $500 deposit per student is required to hold your spot.

The following are included:
1. 12 Class sessions
2. 2 sessions with Rabbi Korngold to plan service
Private Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony
5. Use of our Torah
6. Use of 100 Adventure Rabbi prayer books.
7. Admission to the following events for the student and 1 adult:

  • Passover Retreat 2019
  • Shabbat Service/ Friday on Flagstaff July 2019
  • Rosh Hashanah Retreat 2019
  • Kol Nidre: 2019
  • Note: If the student's parent is a member, we will give you a tuition discount so you are not double paying. The free admission must be used by that member.

You will be responsible for the following expenses:
1. $5,000 tuition for members
student and 1 parent must both be members of the Adventure Rabbi Congregation in 2019
2. $5,250 for non-members

(Fees increase if ceremony is outside of Boulder Colorado. See below.)

2. All fees associated with site rental if applicable
3. Hebrew Tutoring fees (different than class which is included)
4. (optional) personalized service booklet
5. (optional) personalized kippot
6. (optional) tallitot

Meeting with Rabbi Korngold (Included):
The months before the Bar or Bat Mitzvah, please schedule two meetings with Rabbi Korngold at AR Headquarters. During these meetings we will plan and rehearse the service. You will have the opportunity to read all your prayers, Torah, and speeches to the Rabbi.

Parents will want to be part of these meetings. This will be an opportunity for your family to personalize the service by choosing friends and family to lead readings, read prayers, present the tallis and many other honors.


Bar and Bat mitzvah students must be willing to meet these requirements to be accepted to this program:

1. Enjoy social situations with peers and be willing and able to work with a group. Be willing to bring in any student who feels left out.

3. Attend orientation and at least 8 other classes (orientation can be made up privately for a cost of $250)

Students must complete the required Hebrew prayers, Torah verses and speeches before the ceremony. (Students must learn to read in Hebrew, not transliteration.)

Please provide the following:
Parent #1 Contact Information:
Parent #1 Name 
Parent #1 Email 
Parent #1 Phone 
Parent #2 Contact Information: (If there is only one parent, leave this section blank)
Parent #2 Name 
Parent #2 Email 
Parent #2 Phone 
Student #1 Contact Information:
Student #1 Name 
Student #1 Email 
Student #1 Phone 
Student #1 Birthday  (mm-dd-yyyy)
  We are considering offering a ”just for girls” cohort. If you have registered a daughter, would she be interested?
Yes         No
Mailing Address for 
Study Materials:  

If billing address (see below) is not where we should mail materials, please indicate correct mailing address here:

Student #2 Contact Information: (If you have two students in program)

If two students are sharing a ceremony and the students are from the same family there is a $500 discount.

If students from different families are sharing a ceremony, there is no discount for the second student.

Student #2 Name 
Student #2 Email 
Student #2 Phone 
Student #2 Birthday  (mm-dd-yyyy)
Ceremony Information: (You may register before securing a date, but we suggest you select a date before the class begins in August. Dates are chosen in consultation with Rabbi Korngold. If you do not know your date type TBD.)
Rabbi Officiating: 

Date:  (mm/dd/yyyy)
Time:  (Fri 6 pm, Sat 9:30 am or 4 pm)
There is a $250 charge to change your date once it has been scheduled.
Additional Options:
Ceremony Outside
Boulder, Colorado: 

(plus expenses: mileage plus / stretch seating airfare, lodging and travel expenses)
(plus expenses: mileage plus / stretch seating airfare, 3 nights lodging, car rental)
Copper, Keystone, Breckenridge, Winter Park - $1000
      additional (plus hotel room)
Vail, Beaver Creek - $1,000 (plus hotel room)
Nederland - $250 additional (expenses included)
Aspen - $1,500 additional (plus hotel room)
Estes Park - $500 additional (expenses included)
Denver - $250 additional (expenses included)
Castle Rock - $450 additional (expenses included)
Colorado Springs - $1,000 additional (plus hotel room)
Boulder, Colorado - no additional charge

Payment Options:
Program Fee: 

$5,000 for members Student and parent must both be members of the Adventure Rabbi Congregation in 2019 and free admission mustbe used by the members only.
$5,250 for non-members

NOTE: Your credit card will be charged based on the payment options selected below, plus the travel options selected above. Our staff will review everything before your card is charged.

Option 1: 

One Payment in Full

If you choose to pay in full today, we will deduct $100 from the total fee. 50% of the full payment will be non-refundable. On June 1, 2019, the entire amount becomes non-refundable.

Option 2: 

Two Payments

If you choose to pay in two payments, 50% of the balance will be charged today and the remaining 50% will be charged on July 1, 2019. All payments will be charged automatically and are non-refundable.

Option 3: 

$500 Deposit Per Student Today + 10 Monthly Payments.

Your total amount will be divided into a $500 deposit and 10 monthly payments. The monthly payments will begin on Dec 1, 2018.

All payments will be charged automatically and are non-refundable. If you would like to choose option 3, there will be an additional one-time service fee of $100, charged with the deposit, for monthly payment processing. (Credit cards only)

If, at any time during your payment plan, your credit card on file is declined, there will be an additional $20 service fee. In the case of a declined payment, this $20 service fee will be charged at a maximum of once per monthly declined payment.

Billing Information:
Name on Card 
Billing Address 
Payment Method 
Card Number 
Exp. Date 
Code on Back of Card 
& Waiver: 

 <-- Please Enter your Initials to Agree
       to the Terms, Conditions and Waiver.


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