ARK Interns

Building the next generation of out-of-the-box Jews.

ARK internships empower teens to continue on the path of making Judaism meaningful in their lives, while gathering skills to become leaders in the Jewish community.

ARK interns are assigned to an Adventure Rabbi Kids class and work under the supervision of either Elaine Barenblat or Emily Norman. Interns are an integral part of the ARK community. The students become attached to the teens and the teachers depend on them. Therefore, interns are expected to attend all of the sessions and are responsible for finding a substitute when they cannot attend.

ARK interns support each other as they take on increasingly greater levels of responsibility for themselves and others. The teenage years are tough; ARK internships gives students an oasis, a place where they can shine and help others shine.

Elaine and Emily empower the interns to help lead the group and engage the children. They interact closely with the children, making sure that each child feels safe and included in the Adventure Rabbi Kids experience.

  • Close-knit cohort of 4-6 participants
  • Mandatory orientation/ training
  • Internships in Adventure Rabbi Kids classes
  • Leadership Opportunities on Adventure Rabbi Retreats

Selected students generally are:


We select interns who showed up consistently, on time and with the correct gear. The students we invite turned in quality homework, by the due date, without a lot of badgering from our staff. Students who take responsibility for themselves are ready to handle the responsibility of caring for others in Adventure Rabbi Kids.


Enthusiasm is contagious! Students who are excited about their own Adventure Rabbi experience will share that with students in Adventure Rabbi Kids.

Compassionate and Kind

Our Bar and Bat Mitzvah class provides many opportunities for students to step up to the plate and help each other. Our interns displayed compassion in situations such as helping a more introverted student enter the conversation, hanging back with a slower hiker and listening respectfully to classmates and teachers.

Committed to Community

We try to select students who either on their own or with their families are likely candidates to be ongoing participants in our community.

To Apply

Students must email Elaine Barenblat to express their interest. If you do not have her email, please use the form below to request it.


There is no fee for this program, although participants must be members of our congregation for their entire internship. More information about membership is here »