Hebrew Tutoring Shoshana Webb

Shoshana is a passionate and patient teacher, based in Boulder, CO

Say goodbye to boring Hebrew school classes! Shoshana Webb brings decades of teaching experience to her Hebrew lessons.  She is known for her kindness, patience, and diligence. Her students get their work done!

Students appreciate her encouraging attitude and lovely voice. Parents appreciate her organizational skills, her quick response time and her attentiveness.

Shoshana teaches classes at Adventure Rabbi Headquarters in Boulder CO and online. Individual and small group lessons are available.

Shoshana is of Israeli background and offers both B’nai Mitzvah tutoring and conversational Hebrew lessons.

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``Shoshana was a dream tutor! I came to her knowing no Hebrew and in less than a year, I did my complete Bat Mitzvah and even added some extra prayers. Shana says that I should take the credit because I worked really hard, but Shana motivated me to do that!`` - S.W. Denver, CO