Camp Tawonga, CA Bar & Bat Mitzvah

Tawonga B’nai Mitzvah Program – Rabbi Evon Yakar, Simcah Officiant

The Tawonga Program

Rabbi Evon will be spending all three of the Tawonga B’nai Mitzvah (TBM) Program retreats with the participants. Through these times together, he will have the opportunity to learn, have fun and explore the B’nai Mitzvah journey with the students. If you would like to work with Rabbi Evon to plan and celebrate your student’s simcha, we invite you to take the following steps:

Working with Rabbi Evon will give your family the opportunity to organize a celebratory experience that draws on the rich tradition of B’nai Mitzvah in Judaism. Whether your idea of the simcha is a Shabbat service, a hike on a nearby trail, a skiing adventure or beyond, you will have the chance to create something that reflects your family’s vision while drawing on your student’s learning in the TBM program.

In addition to the time spent throughout the two-year program with Rabbi Evon on retreats, you will be able to schedule two meetings via Skype or in-person if scheduling allows. The meetings and working with Rabbi Evon will provide the following:

  • Meet with your family/your student to discuss and plan your simcha.
  • Work with your student to prepare a meaningful D’var Torah (teaching) related to the B’nai Mitzvah experience and drawing on Torah lessons.
  • Be available to explore possible simcha ideas, locations and/or activities
  • Rabbi Evon can provide up to 75 Adventure Rabbi prayerbooks with nature-oriented Jewish teachings and ideas.
  • Rabbi Evon can provide a backpacking non-parchment Torah scroll if your student plans to read/chant.

About Rabbi Evon Yakar:

Rabbi Evon, Adventure Rabbi is based in South Lake Tahoe, California. He specializes in youth education and is an expert at making Judaism relevant and meaningful to 12 and 13-year-olds.

He is passionate about sharing Judaism with his students and loves the opportunity to personalize the program according to the interests of each of his students.

Rabbi Evon can often be found riding the beautiful roads and trails near his home in South Lake Tahoe California. Rabbi Evon works part-time for the Adventure Rabbi Program and part-time as the Rabbi at Temple Bat Yam. Rabbi Evon also loves skiing, hiking, and playing ice hockey. In his free time, you can find him hiking with his wife Rachel, his two sons and their dog Sasha.