Suggested Locations for Ceremonies

Our Favorite Venues Near Boulder CO

Camp Granite Lake, Golden CO
(31-min from S. Bldr):

Camp Granite Lake is a wonderful option! If you are looking for a campy, inspiring outdoor experience that feels like you are in a remote location but truly is only 31 minutes from South Boulder, then this is it. With a lake, amphitheater, hiking trails, indoor options for bad weather, commercial kitchen and tented dining room (with caterer suggestions), even lodging for your out-of-town guests, this venue will help create as incredible Adventure Rabbi style experience for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah. The camp is owned by Tommy Feldman, an Adventure Rabbi member, so you can know that you will get the best treatment at camp.

This is the location at which we hold our Adventure Judaism Rosh Hashanah Retreat. We would use it for everything if it were available.

Jaycee or Wood Shelter, Summit of Flagstaff Mt., Boulder CO
(15-min from S. Bldr):

This is a favorite outdoor location overlooking Boulder.  Alternately called the Jaycee and Wood Shelter, it is located on the summit of Flagstaff Mountain. This is where we hold our summer Shabbat services when the weather is not ideal.

With some rental chairs and tables, you can easily convert this rustic setting into an unforgettable Bar Mitzvah venue. There is access to a choice of short, easy hikes to start your service. Always a nice touch!

Consider renting a food truck or call one of our caterers for an easy post-ceremony lunch or dinner.

Note: There are pit-toilets.  map/ directions

Sunrise Amphitheater, Summit of Flagstaff Mt., Boulder CO
(15-min from S. Bldr):

The Sunrise Amphitheater boasts inspirational views in a historic venue. The venue is lovely for afternoon and evening services. Please do not book it for morning ceremonies. It is too hot in the direct sun. Following the service, consider renting the large picnic area. Throw some tablecloths on the picnics tables and you have an instant party. Consider hiring a food truck or bring up a spread from Whole Foods or Costco. (Note: There are pit-toilets.) map/directions

Betasso Preserve, Boulder CO
(30-min from S. Bldr):

Betasso Preserve has been the venue of some of our favorite outdoor ceremonies.  With beautiful hiking trails and a lovely shelter to shade your guests from the sun, this venue is sensational. Consider starting with a hike for those who can hike and end with a picnic under the shelter. Ideal for groups under 50 because parking can be a nuisance. Bring a spread from your favorite grocery store, or pick up platters from one of the bagel stores, or have our caterer come on up and you’ve got an easy-to-plan lunch.

Chautauqua Community House, Boulder CO

A charming, indoor venue that seats 75 people. The Chautauqua special events staff will provide the set-up for you, leaving you free to focus on other things. Your guests can even stay in Chautauqua Park in the lovely rental cabins. This is a perfect venue if you want to do a short hike before the service. The room can easily be converted for a lovely party afterward, using their in-house caterer, whose food is wonderful. More>>

Parking can be difficult, so let your guests know. At some times of the year, you will be given parking permits for your guests.

Chautauqua Lawn, Boulder CO

The Chautauqua Lawn offers unforgettable views, easy access to bathrooms, and an adjacent venue to host your party.
Please consider the following:

  • It is very hot on the lawn during the summer.
  • Please provide a small pop up tent for Rabbi and student.
  • Consider shade umbrellas for your guests
  • Try to set up the chairs under the trees in the NE corner for shade and privacy.
  • Make sure the chair rental place knowns where you will be.
  • Provide water for your guests
  • Don’t forget a good rain plan
  • Parking is difficult

To request a permit call 303 413-7200 or email

Star House, Sunshine Canyon CO
(30 -min from Bldr.):

The Star House is a unique and lovely venue for the more spiritually minded. Located 30-minutes from downtown Boulder, your guests will immediately feel at peace in this sacred space. If you are looking for a venue to unite your group and highlight the sacredness of the day, look no further. Great for hikes and adding outdoor elements to an indoor service.

Note: The bathroom is a short walk (outside) from the sanctuary.

Boulder Jewish Community Center, Boulder CO

The Boulder JCC is a favorite venue, offering beautiful outdoor and indoor settings, a variety of set-up options, flexibility to accommodate changing weather and top-notch event support. The building was designed to “let the outdoors in” so even the indoor locations offer awe inspiriting views. If you are looking for a high-end venue, look no further. All the comforts and beauty of a star venue with a top-notch staff who will meet your every need.

You will likely want an event planner to help organize this event. We recommend Ricki Booker.

CUCC Church, Boulder CO

The CUCC church on Table Mesa as long been a favorite venue for our congregation. We frequently use this venue for our Shabbat services. The space is circular and sacred feeling and is not overbearingly filled with non-Jewish symbols. The sanctuary can seat 125 in comfortable chairs and offers a good sound system. There is a kitchen so you can bring in your own caterer and serve a great meal in the social hall and outside on the patios. Consider following that up with a game of Capture the Flag or flashlight tag on the adjacent play field. (Note: Compared to other venues in town, this one is inexpensive.)

Rembrandt Yard, Boulder CO

If you are looking for a sophisticated indoor location, the Rembrandt Yard in Downtown Boulder may be the perfect fit. This upscale gallery is beautifully designed to host ceremonies and parties. The multi-level layout enables you to have the service on the second floor and then move upstairs for the meal. Your guests can even stay right next door at the historic Boulderado Hotel.

If you have East Coast relatives with clear expectations of what a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah looks like, this could work. Your guests will be comfortably seated in a lovely room. Bring in your own event planner (we love Rikki Booker) and caterer and you are good to go.

Colorado Mountain Ranch, Boulder CO
(50-min from Boulder):

Looking for a mountain venue? Colorado Mountain Ranch will set the bar high for all your friends. The camp has built a rustic amphitheater into the forest. Your guests will be immersed in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. The owners of the camp will prepare a delicious meal for your guests, served in a hide log cabin with wrap around decks. Horseback riding, ropes course, and other activities are available.

Your Backyard or a Friend’s’ Backyard

How about setting up a tent in your backyard? Some of the nicest ceremonies we have done have been in the family’s backyard. With a simple tent to protect from rain and sun, your backyard can easily be turned into a wonderful event venue. Bring in a caterer or order from Whole Foods or Costco, or invite your neighbors to pitch in. You can even have a party planner convert your backyard into your dream event. All have been done in the past and worked great.

We’re very open to your choice of ceremony locations. Rabbi Jamie requires the use of a microphone for groups larger than 20 people; please check that the venue you choose allows amplification!

Ellie really wanted her Bat Mitzvah outside. I'm so glad we could do this for her!- Jerry and Jane
Part of the reason we came to Adventure Judaism was that we could pick our own venue. It added so much to make the day uniquely Mark's.- Adventure Class Parent
I loved the variety of venues families in the Adventure Class used. Some hiked into the woods with the Torah in a backpack, and others got dressed up in dresses and heels for a fancy DJ/ caterer event. And they all worked for Rabbi Jamie! Choice and flexibility. What a winning combo.- Adventure Class Parent