Funeral Services

Jewish Funeral Services in Colorado:

Rabbi Korngold would be honored to officiate at the funeral or memorial service of your loved one. Please plan to spend up to several hours sharing stories of his or her life with the Rabbi, so that she can write a meaningful eulogy. You may also wish to write down your own thoughts remembering your loved one. This can be an incredibly healing experience. If you choose to write a eulogy, please know that if it is too emotionally difficult to deliver it, the Rabbi can do it for you. This way you are free to mourn rather than “hold it together” at the funeral.

Once the Rabbi has had a chance to speak with you and come to understand your loved one, she will pick appropriate readings and attempt to create a funeral service that provides an opportunity to celebrate his or her life and mourn your loss.

Funerals may be graveside or in the funeral home, as well as at a Jewish or secular cemetery.

Rabbi Korngold will lead shiva services if you chose to include this ritual. The services will be filled with beautiful opportunities to share remembrances of your loved one.

Funeral Contract

A note from Rabbi Korngold about funerals for extreme athletes:

It’s strange to say, but my funeral specialty has become funerals for extreme athletes, Jewish as well as those of other religions. I suppose it makes sense. When an extreme athlete dies, be it a mountaineer, rock climber, kayaker or skier, it’s meaningful to have someone perform the ceremony who can understand extreme sports, someone who has been there personally. It is horribly sad to officiate at these funerals, yet I am always relieved that I can give family and friends support and understanding at such a difficult time.

The culture of extreme sports and the deaths resulting from them is something I have spoken about at length in my book, God in the Wilderness. I will continue to speak out against taking sports to extremes that result in death. But I will also continue to be there for the many, many families whose loved ones die in this tragic and unnecessary way.