Jewish Education for Military Families

Adventure Judaism is proud of our men and women in uniform and grateful for your service, past, and present.

We understand that military families often can not afford the high costs associated with Jewish education but that you want and deserve high-quality Jewish education for your children.

Thanks to a generous donor, we are able to offer scholarships to children and spouses of active service men and women and veterans. Through our distance learning program, we offer private and small group lessons with our Rabbis and Educators in the following areas of Jewish education:

  • Hebrew Tutoring
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvah Preparation and Officiation at your Ceremony
  • Conversion Education and Ceremony for Adults and Children

We also offer the following general Jewish Education in segments of 10-week courses, 1 hour a week:

  • Jewish Literacy
  • Jewish History
  • Jewish Holidays
  • Jewish Role Models
  • Jewish Women
  • Israel Then and Now – Historical and Modern Israel

Who is eligible?

Any child or spouse of someone who has served or serves in any branch of the military and has financial need.

Will I be asked to demonstrate my financial need?

If you are an enlisted soldier, no. If you are an officer, yes. You will be asked to explain your financial situation and may be asked to submit last year’s tax return.

How much is the scholarship?

For enlisted soldiers, the scholarship will cover 90% of the education costs and the costs of rabbi’s travel expenses to and from the ceremony plus the rabbi’s officiation at the ceremony. If your child completes the entire process through Bar or Bat Mitzvah, the 10% you paid will be returned to you.

For children of officers, the scholarship is based on need.

What if I can’t afford 10% of the fees?

Our goal is for you to be able to participate, but we do want you to have some money invested so that your family is invested in the classes. If you cannot afford 10% of the fees, please still talk to us. We have the ability to make this work for you. For us it is not about the money, it is about providing your children with high-quality Jewish education.

Is there a limit to how many years I can have this scholarship?

No. You can use the scholarship for all the years of your child’s Jewish education. We have many students who start with weekly lessons when they are 8 or 9-years old and continue all the way through Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Who will teach my child?

Rabbi Stacy Bergman educates most of the children in our Distance Learning Program. She holds Master in Hebrew Letters and Ordination from Hebrew Union College, the Reform Movements prestigious Seminary.

How and When will my child learn?

Your lessons will be conducted over the internet. All you need is access to a computer with high-speed internet connection and we are good to go. No carpooling.

If we opt for Bar or Bat Mitzvah, where we the ceremony be?

You get to pick the venue. Rabbi Bergman will travel to you or your family can come here to our base in Boulder Colorado. Or, pick a place in between and the Rabbi will meet you there. The donor will pay for the rabbi’s travel expenses and expenses of officiation.

How much is the tuition?

Jewish Literacy – $650 (you pay a total of $65 or $6.50 per session)
Jewish History – $650 (you pay a total of $65 or $6.50 per session)
Jewish Holidays – $650 (you pay a total of $65 or $6.50 per session)
Jewish Role Models- $650 (you pay a total of $65 or $6.50 per session)
Israel Then and Now – $650 (you pay a total of $65 or $6.50 per session)
Jewish Women – $650 (you pay a total of $65 or $6.50 per session)
Hebrew Tutoring – $65/hour (you pay a total of $65 or $6.50 per session)
Bar and Bat Mitzvah Preparation and Ceremony
Conversion for Adults and Children – variable, please ask

How do I know that this is a trustworthy organization?

Rabbi Jamie Korngold founded the Adventure Rabbi Program in 2001. Since that time, we have educated hundreds of students all over the world. We now have 4 rabbis and 2 educators on staff to accommodate the burgeoning need for our services. We invite you to click on this page and browse the plethora of accolades Rabbi Jamie has received from media including being named one of Americas most Inspiring Rabbis in 2014. She is the author of 11 published books.

I am ready to learn more. What do I do?

Follow these links to learn about the different programs. Then, when you are ready to talk to one of our team members, fill out the contact form and we will give you a call and get you all set up.

1. Bar and Bat Mitzvah Individual Study (10-month program) Distance learning Read More>>

2. Adventure B’nai Mitzvah Class (10-month class) If you live near Boulder Colorado, Read More>>

3. Bar or Bat Yisrael (12-week program) Don’t want to do any Hebrew but want something similar to a Bar Mitzvah? Read More>>

Great for students who live anywhere
Great for students with very limited time (program takes about 25-30 hours)
Great for students who do not want to learn Hebrew
Great for students who are just beginning to explore Judaism

4. Hebrew

We charge separately for Hebrew because some students need only a few months of weekly lessons while others require more time. Read More>>

5. 10-week Classes
We offer the following 10-week courses. Rabbi Bergman will meet with you for an hour a week to cover your choice of topics. Many students move from one course to the next, covering them all in a few short years. This lessons are ideal for students in grades 3-7 but can be adapted for High School or adult level students.

  • Jewish Literacy
  • Jewish History
  • Jewish Holidays
  • Jewish Role Models
  • Jewish Women
  • Israel Then and Now – Historical and Modern Israel

What Families Say About An Adventure Rabbi Bar Mitzvah:

“We cannot thank you enough for Saturday. We loved the tone you set for the service and how warm and welcoming everything was for Will’s Bar Mitzvah. We received so many compliments about you and everyone said how much they appreciated being included in the service. Everyone felt like an active participant in this right of passage for Will. You made that happen for us, and for that, we are very grateful.

You have provided us with lifelong memories that are truly priceless.

We look forward to seeing you in a couple of years as Caroline becomes a Bat Mitzvah!!

Our very best,
Ian and Lynn
Belmont, MA