Bar & Bat Mitzvah Adventure Class


This form will serve as a contractual agreement for rabbinical services and enrollment in our Bar and Bat Mitzvah program.

Fee: $5,000 for members, $5250 for non-members

The following are included:

1. 15 Adventure Class sessions
2. 2 sessions with Rabbi Korngold to plan service
3. Monthly one-on-one supervision by an Adventure Educator
(Only applies if not being tutored by one of our tutors) 
4. Private Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony
5. Use of our Torah
6. Use of 100 Adventure Rabbi prayer books.
7. Membership for the Bar or Bat Mitzvah candidate to the Adventure Judaism Congregation during the course.
8. Admission to the following events for the student and 1 adult:

  • Shabbat Service/ Friday on Flagstaff Aug 
  • Rosh Hashanah Retreat (dinner and lodging not included)
  • Kol Nidre
  • Yom Kippur Middle School Program 
  • Passover Retreat  (dinner not included)
  • Note: If the student and parent are members during the course, we will give you a tuition discount so you are not double paying. The free admission must be used by that member.

You will be responsible for the following expenses:
1. Program fee ($5,000 or $5,250)

2. All fees associated with venue rental
3. Hebrew Tutoring fees

Discounts, Additions, Payment Plans & Refunds:
-Fees increase if the ceremony is outside of Boulder Colorado. See below.
-Member Discount: If the student and parent are both members of the Adventure Judaism Congregation in 2019, the student’s tuition is $5,000
-Payment in Full Discount: Pay in full now and receive a $100 discount. 50% of payment is non-refundable. On Jan 1, 2020, the entire amount becomes non-refundable.
-Two payments: 50% of the balance will be charged today and the remaining 50% will be charged in six months. The first payment is non-refundable. On Jan 1, 2020 the entire amount becomes non-refundable.
-Monthly Payment Plan: One-time $100 fee and $500 deposit charged today. The remainder will be divided into a maximum of ten payments. Payments will be charged on the 1st of each month until they are completed. Payments must be completed before the class ends. All payments are non-refundable.
-Please be aware that once you pick your date with the Rabbi, there is a $250/fee for changing date or time of day.

This is the Adventure Rabbi Program, not the Slacker Rabbi Program. Bar and Bat Mitzvah students must be in reasonable physical shape to participate in this group. You do not have to be an incredible athlete, but you shouldn’t be a couch potato who hates hiking.

Bar and Bat mitzvah students must be willing to meet 7 requirements to be accepted to this program:

1. Be in excellent physical health and willing to engage in strenuous activities, such as a 6.2-mile hike, 3.1 miles uphill and 3.1 miles downhill.  A good test for yourself is to be sure that you can hike uphill without stopping for 30 minutes and that you can engage in a continuous physical activity for 2-hours. (We will be out much longer than that.) If you struggle with asthma or other breathing challenges or just don’t like hard physical exercise, consider our Mitzvah Class.

2. Enjoy social situations with peers and be willing and able to work with a group. Be willing to bring in any student who feels left out.

3. Students may make-up two classes by reading assigned chapters of Rabbi Korngold’s books and writing about them. Orientation may only be made up by a private class with Rabbi Korngold for $250.  After two missed classes, the third missed class is made up by private study with Rabbi Korngold for $250/hour.

4. Be ready to learn! There are no Hebrew or Religious school prerequisites for this class but you must be ready to learn. Students are expected to be respectful of the Rabbi, other staff and each other. Although this is a fun program, it is still academically rigorous and school rules apply.

5. Complete all homework (googledoc) assignments and share with the Rabbi.  They generally take 30 minutes to write-up.

6. Parents must be willing to join our class Livingtree group where our we post important information.

7. Students must complete the required Hebrew prayers, 6 Torah verses, and speeches before the ceremony. (Students must learn to read in Hebrew, not transliteration.)



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