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Donor Recognition

The Adventure Rabbi Program is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Our programming is sustained in large part by contributions.

The Adventure Rabbi program has been including in Slingshot, a resource guide for Jewish philanthropists, recommending the top 50 Jewish organization to support financially. Slingshot is produced by 21/64, a division of the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies. This publication provides a "resource list of some of the most innovative organizations, projects and leaders, across the country." We are proud that our program was included in the list of "the more exciting new expressions of Jewish life in America."

Many thanks to following donors who have contributed to the Adventure Rabbi organization with a tax-deductible donation. It is only with your financial contributions, large and small, that we are able to afford a full-time rabbi, event and trip insurance, support staff, web-development, newsletters, and other expenses. Thank you!

Please consider adding your dollars to theirs >>

2008 Donors

*Donations since last email newsletter. Updated 1/6/2009

Monthly Donors
Alison and Richard Rabinoff
Jeanette Domber

$3,000- $3,500
Burns Family Foundation

$2,000- $2,500
Catherine Greener and Alan Greenberg 6/23/2008
Synagogue 30000, To support your innovative work
Charles L. Read Fundation

$1,500- ,1900
Anonymous 6/23/2008
*Barnard family, 12/29/2008 With our thanks

$1,000 - 1,500
Gwen & James Brodsky,5/14/2008
Noah Finkelstein 10/27/08
Posen Family Foundation 10/17/2008
David Gorodetzky 12/31/2008

$700 -$799
Vivian and Tom Waldeck 1/31/2008

$500 -$599
Robert Seymour (Raj) 4/25/2008
Michele and Mike Ritter 10/16/08

$400 -$499
Ellen Golden & Michael Monheit 11/4/08
*Anonymous, 12/1/08

$300 -$399
Daniel Small 4/17/2008
Jimmy and Drew's 28th St Deli 9/10/08
Eddie Yenkinson 9/10/08

Lauren Engel 9/29/08
Jennah and Scott Lagomarsino 10/13/08
*Eric Weissmann, 12/29/2008
*Stuart Schare, 12/22/2008

Mrs. Adele Gelfand 1/23/2008
Laurie and Rob Fisher 1/18/2008
Chavura-Beth-Chai in honor of Student Rabbi Jessica Marshall
Stuart Schare 2/13/2008
Alison and Richard Rabinoff 2/20/2008
Joshua Grayck 4/14/2008
Sha'ari Garfinkel 4/24/2008
Deborah Kern 4/24/2008
Carolyn Grant 4/29/2008
Stuart Share 4/28/2008
Jennifer Kraft 4/17/2008
Larry Karlin 6/23/2008
Alan Greenberg and Catherine Greener 4/17/2008
Tracey Roberts 6/14/2008
Amy and Scott Scheff 6/24/2008
Andrew Halperin 6/2/2008
Lynette C Zickerman 6/13/2008 |
Krista Hyde 9/23/2008
Carol Susan Roth 8/15/08 In appreciation for all of Jeff's help
Stuart Share 8/15/08
Laurie and Rob Fisher 9/23/08 Thanks for the most meaningful YK ever
Edward Victor 8/15/08
Wendy Diner 10/17/08
Everett Moran 8/28/08
Susanne and Moonhawk Kim 9/1/08 In honor of our new baby- Rabbi, thanks for all you do!
Suzanne Grady 9/1/08
Kathy Sparrow 9/8/08
Julie Frieder 9/29/08
Kara Mertz 10/7/08
Ari Solow 10/17/08
Ellen Golden 9/8/08
Michael Monheit 9/8/08
Heather Ogle 10/7/08
Paula Powers 10/7/08
Bruce and Kathy Tenenbaum 10/11/08
Leonard Hortick 10/10/08, Thank you for the wonderful Yom Kippur stroll!
Jay Morse 10/21/08, Thank you for the Sukkot program. We love what you do and hope to do more with you.
*Adam Green, 11/29/2008
*Ms. Susan Weinberger, 12/16/2008
*Lisa Hardaway, 12/27/08

Tracy Roberts 1/3/2008
Melanie Pappas -1/3/2008 In memory of Mrs. Faye Wolfe, Rabbi Korngold's grandmother
Michelle Hartye 1/2/2008
Alison and Richard Rabinoff 1/8/2008
Isabel and Laura Silvestro 3/3/8 In memory of Fay Wolfe, Rabbi Korngold's grandmother
Deborah and Jeffrey Skovron 4/14/2008 "Welcome to the new Adventure Baby, Ori"
Yelena Naginsky 4/17/2008
Amanda Strogoff 4/17/2008
Miles Posen 6/15/2008
Carol Secor 4/29/2008
Dr. Carol Traut 6/23/2008
David Gorodetzky 10/17/08
Jennifer Rosenthal, 10/13/08
*Debbie and Kevin Cushman, 11/12/2008

Under $50
Doug Gertner 1/13/2008
Lynne Snead 1/15/2008
Jason Zietz 2/10/2008
Jodi Winicour 2/15/2008
Laura Redstone 2/14/2008
Joshua Grayck 2/26/2008
Toby Zelt 3/17/2008
Miriam Gilbert 4/24/2008
Laurie Budgar 4/29/2008
Hank Kaplan 4/29/2008
Leonard Hortick 4/29/2008
Sarah Stutman 5/7/2008
Miriam Greenwald 6/12/2008
Pam Gutman 6/19/2008
Adam Kaningher 6/26/2008
Sandra Speier 9/1/08
Danielle Herzenberg 10/17/08
*Gil, Nancy, & Hannah Berman, 11/17/08 In loving Memory of Sierra
*Adam Griff, 12/2/2008
*Mark Schwartz, 11/17/2008
*Susan Finkelstein, 12/28/2028
*Jennifer Pelcyger, 12/23/2008

Total for $2008: $30,444

2007 Donors

Monthly Donors
Alison and Richard Rabinoff
Jeanette Domber

$2,500 and above
Synagogue 3000

$1800 - $2000
The Barnard Family

$1,200 - $1,500
Leonard & Selma Gordon Family Foundation: (In honor of Leonard and Selma Gordon's 70th Anniversary & Selma's 90th Birthday)

$1,000 - $1,099
Gwen & James Brodsky

$900 - $999
Gary Jacob

Carolyn Grant and Robb Krenz
Noah Finkelstein
David Gorodetzky Thanks for helping to create such a wonderful Jewish community in Boulder

Eric Weissman
Robin Seidner* (In honor of Jeff, who we can't thank enough for taking pictures at Jake's party!)
Laurie and Rob Fisher
Barbara Fried Orland

Jane Saltzman
Cindra, Andy, Mason and Carly Barnard
Arlene Montag, Jennah and Scott Lagomarsino
Edward and Esther Yenkinson
Stuart Schare - Welcome to Ori Korngold-Finkelstein
and in thanks for a great Chanukah party

Amy & Scott Scheff
Adele Gelfand
Barbara Reed (In honor of Andy Reed)
Everett Moran
Andy & Audrey Franklin
Adam J. Green
Catherine Greener and Alan Greenberg
Mark & Karen Frank
Jeffrey Woodruff
Maggie Miller and Doug Gertner and Jordie

Jami Acker
Lauren McCollum
Celine & David Alper
Sue Cable
Tommy Feldman
Jami Aker
Anonymous: (In appreciation of the Korngold Family)
Gene Maine
Stuart Schare
Cantor Paul Silbersher
Derick and Deoni Levy
Kathy Sparrow
Jared Polis
Jessica Dancingheart
Carmen Baehr
Lee & Barbara Davis
Stephanie Mallen
Lisa Brady
Everett Moran
Francine Weaver
Judy Levitz
Lisa Finkelstein
Sam Levy
Carolyn Aibel
Debbie Juretus
Michelle Jacobson
Mimi Sander
Naomi Blyveis

Tommie Lukensmeyer: (In memory of Joseph Max Katz)
William Katz
Anne Angerman
Joel Hirsh
Mitchel Rossman
Joseph Shaffer
Judith Epstein
Barbara Reed
Jennifer Kotler
Tracey Roberts
Joel and Jill Asrael
Marni Siegal

Under $50
Jennifer Rosenthal
Estelle Winicki
Jane and Chip Carnathan
Joe Bassman
Myrna Sigman
Ann Watts
Joyce Schulsinger
Janet Rice
Sam Levy
Sarah Silver
Shoshannah Lenski
The Halperin Burnell Family
Karin Susskind
Margaret Klein
Abby Goldberger and Jaime Breener(In memory of Dani Brenner and Sara Goldberger)
Julie Meyers
Melissa Palombi
Robin Seidner
Rena A. Bloom and Jacob J. Schor
Sharon Grosz
Cindy Baron
Nancy Berman
Mitchel Rossman
Our Jewish Company Inc.
Elliot Davidoff
Gil, Nancy and Hannah Berma (In memory of Sierra)
Emily Norman - Welcome to Ori Korngold-Finkelstein
Margie Freedman - Welcome to Ori Korngold-Finkelstein

Please consider adding your dollars to theirs >>

Would you care to speak with a member of our Leadership Council about our current fundraising effort? Please let us know and a member of the Council will contact you immediately.

*Donations since last email newsletter. Updated 11/11/2008

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