Find Us Outside

Adventure Judaism Staff Outside

We love outdoor activities and we know you do, too.

When we are not at work, you will find us biking, hiking, trail-running, skiing, climbing, geocaching, swimming (outside of course), exploring, and otherwise simply LOVING living in Colorado. We love to be outside. We love the shimmering gold of the aspens in September, the sparkle of ice crystals in the snow in the winter and the way the Colorado dirt smells when it bakes in the summer sun. We love to watch the sun set behind the Flatirons and the way the stars fill the inky night sky. Do you get the picture? We love being outdoors.

We also love community. We love being with our friends in meaningful ways that allow for deep connections. Often, this means being outside with our friends. (Although we are not against enjoying a glass of wine either.) There is something about shared outdoor pursuits that enables friendships to both deepen and soar.

Alas, we can not lead as many outdoor activities as we wish we could. (Unless….Are you dear reader, our soon-to-be-incredible funder who will underwrite more Adventure Rabbi outdoor adventures? Call us right now if you are!) But in the meantime, we have another great idea.

You can come and join us on our adventures. Although they are not official Adventure Judaism events, we will be there and would love for you to join the fun.

Where to Find the Adventure Judaism Staff:

Eldora Women’s Days

On Tuesdays Jan 9-Feb 13, 2018
Rabbi Jamie will be in the Skate Ski Clinic and Elaine Barenblat will be in the Alpine clinic. We plan to enjoy the tasty European continental breakfast, gourmet lunch and the top level instruction.

Flagstaff Fridays

Summer Fridays at 5:45 am, find Rabbi Jamie riding up Flagstaff with BOBO Cycles. Actually, most days that are not freezing, you can find Rabbi Jamie riding up Flagstaff. She’s the slow and steady one on the Orbea.