Passover Retreat in Moab

April 19-21, 2019

A pinnacle experience! Join us for an unforgettable celebration in nature, with delicious food, great friends and a meaningful Jewish experience.

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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Adventure B'nai Mitzvah Class Aug 2019 Info Meeting 3/18/19 6:30-7:30 at our office

Adventure B'nai Mitzvah Class

Our unique Adventure B’nai Mitzvah Class is an expedition based program combining outdoors, community, and Jewish values. Registration is open. Class begins Aug 2019

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Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for this incredible journey and experience. Through the past few years, you have made me feel so embraced and inspired by the Jewish community. You have been open, encouraging and so helpful...- Maia
Being brought up in a very conservative Jewish family, I had learned the sense of community from the temple we belonged to. My parents' friends and their children who were my friends, were all a part of that community, so I carry my Judaism in my heart and soul as a member of a much larger community all around the world. At the Rosh Hashanah services, I witnessed the wonderful community my children and grandchildren have become a part of. I have tears in my eyes for what YOU have given to our family. Thank you, for The Adventure Rabbi program. It doesn't get any better than this!- Anonymous
Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding exceptional! Many people told us that we had one of the best weddings they have been to, and you were a big part of that.- Mandy and Ken Manning
Thank you for another amazing Passover in Moab. I can only imagine how much work goes into such a huge event. It is so appreciated. You all are doing such a fabulous job making everything meaningful and fun. It warms my heart to look through all the photos and see so much smiling and laughter. My kids love being Jewish thanks to all of you!- Bobbe Maier
Our time spent with the Adventure Rabbi organization created very special memories for our family. My daughter looks to you as a role model and continues to recount the advice you gave her when she was being bullied in middle school.- Wendy Scher
As I hike skunk canyon this morning, I feel so grateful for living in such a beautiful place. With the rains behind us for now, I can soak up just how beautiful our world can be! My gratitude today extends to The Adventure Rabbi ARK program. I feel we have accomplished so much these past two years in creating a Jewish home. You gave us a path and I am so grateful for this. I'm so proud that my kids can recite Hebrew prayers on a drop of a hat. I am so grateful they care about their Jewish identity and seek it out. I think about my family in the East Coast who stayed on the traditional route and I think if I had had to take that route my life and my kids would look very different.- Paula Kehoe - Adventure Class/ARK/Individual Program

About Our Community

 The Adventure Judaism Congregation, led by the Adventure Rabbi Jamie Korngold, is a new type of Jewish congregation, striving to make Judaism relevant, meaningful, and accessible for the 21st century. Our community centers around our retreat program. People of all ages, singles, couples, and families come from all over the country (but especially Colorado) for our Rosh HashanahYom Kippur and Passover retreats to learn, celebrate and create a new kind of Jewish community.

In between retreats, Rabbi Jamie Korngold leads AR events in Boulder Colorado and Rabbi Evon Yakar leads AR events in South Lake Tahoe, California. We are thrilled to have expanded so that we now have two bases for our alternative approach to Judaism, one in Boulder Colorado and the other in South Lake Tahoe California. We gather for Shabbat, holidays, hikes, skiing, and learning.

Rabbi Jamie Korngold is a best-selling author (more than 400,000 books sold) and travels to Jewish communities around the country teaching at congregations, colleges, camps, and JCCs. She trains clergy and counselors in her innovative approach to Judaism combining nature and the ancient wisdom of Jewish tradition.

We are especially proud of our innovative Bar and Bat Mitzvah programs. Our students hail from all over the world and study with us by Skype. Our Colorado-based students are able to participate in a monthly Adventure Class where they climb peaks and snowshoe alongside their Hebrew studies. From Destination Bar & Bat Mitzvah ceremonies to Bar/Bat Yisrael ceremonies, which have no Hebrew, we have something for almost every Bar / Bat Mitzvah candidate.

In general, we are a “pay as you go” community, but we do rely heavily on membership (inexpensive!) donations and grants in order to sustain our community. Read more at the Adventure Rabbi blog.