Remember When…

Wow! We’ve run some great adventures over the years…

We’ve been around since 2001 and in that time have run a variety of programs. We’ve guided hikes from Aspen to Crested Butte and back again, a women’s trip into the Grand Canyon, snow show adventures in Rocky Mountain National Park, a hiking adventure in Israel, Guide Training programs for rabbinical students and so much more.  Remember the Shabbat hikes we used to run? and the Shabbat on Snow at Copper? Or Vail? How about the Hut trip? Were you on the raft trip on the Colorado River? Or the bike rides up to Ward? Remember the book group? And the Adult Learning circles?

It’s been quite the adventure! Programs change over time as interests of our congregation, clients, and staff change as well as other reasons. Programs are dropped for a variety of reason including:

  • Decline in Interest
  • Permit Restrictions
  • Lack of Funding
  • Lack of Staff

Sometimes they come back, so we like to keep them here to inspire future possibility! What will we dream up next?