Adventure Rabbi Kids



This form will serve as a contractual agreement for enrollment in our Adventure Rabbi Kids Religious School.


ARK 1-2 and 5-6
$399 for members
$449 for non-members

ARK 3-4 (includes 3 dinners)
$430/ for members
$480 / for non- members

Girls’ Time (includes 3 dinners and a small staff to student ratio)
$449 for members
$499 for non-members


On August 1, tuition increases by $25/student.
Scholarships are available for families eligible for National School Lunch Program and/or SNAP


Refunds for this class are not available unless you purchase $36/student tuition insurance, in which we will refund the remainder of the classes. A $50 registration fee and $36 tuition insurance are not refundable.


Parent 1 Contact Info

Parent 2 Contact Info

Student 1 Information

Alternative Emergency Contact Information

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