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Adventure Rabbi Teens

with Elaine Barenblat

Adventure * Friendship * Learning * Fun


Our teens meet once a month for an adventure. Sometimes it's a physical adventure, like hiking or geocaching. Other times it's an indoor adventure such as working together to cook Shabbat dinner or getting out of an escape room. It is always an adventure in building community and deepening friendships.

Our enrollment fee is very low, covering only Elaine's time. Each individual event has a cost attached to it and you pay only for the events your teen attends and a share of Elaine's entrance fee. If any of the venues we use increase their prices, ours will also change.

  • Deepen your Jewish friendships
  • Make new Jewish friends
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • Led by Elaine Barenblat, Adventure Educator
  • Meets Monthly
  • Experiential Learning
  • You do not need to be a graduate of our Bar and Bat Mitzvah program to participate.
  • Please note: Adventure Rabbi staff is not permitted to drive participants to and from these events. Parents will be responsible for transportation or carpool organization.

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    2017-2018 Schedule:

    June 16,
    6-8:30 pm

    Shabbat on Flagstaff and Picnic Free
    (non- congregation members must pay $5 entrance fee)

    Come meet other teens and check out the Teen Program while enjoying Shabbat on Flagstaff. Other than your entrance fee, there is no charge and is open to potential Teen Program participants, past participants and new participants.

    We join the Adventure Rabbi congregation for this classic event at the Sunrise Amphitheater on Flagstaff Mountain. We'll join together in song and prayer for a beautiful Friday night service led by Rabbi Jamie Korngold on Flagstaff, followed by a delicious picnic-style dinner (BYO) and lots of schmoozing!

    Aug 10


    1- 3 pm

    Putt Putt (Mini-golf) - $30

    If you are back in town, come and celebrate the last days of summer with us! This event is sure to be a hole in one.

    Location: Gateway Fun Park

    Aug 25,
    6-8:30 pm

    Shabbat on Flagstaff and Picnic $5 (Free for members)

    We join the Adventure Rabbi congregation for this classic event at the Sunrise Amphitheater on Flagstaff Mountain. We'll join together in song and prayer for a beautiful Friday night service led by Rabbi Jamie Korngold on Flagstaff, followed by a delicious picnic-style dinner (BYO) and lots of schmoozing!

    Oct 28

    7-9 pm

    Haunted House $55

    This spooktacular event is sure to keep you on your toes. Just four days before Halloween, are you willing to set foot inside a haunted house? If so, come in costume and come prepared! After the Haunted House we will head down to Pearl Street for ice cream.

    Location: Boulder High School

    Dec 2,

    1-3 pm

    Flatirons Crossing, Escape Room $32

    We'll have to keep our wits about us for this adventure where we'll be presented with a room full of puzzles. We can't leave until we've solved the puzzles and escape, or until the timer runs out!

    Location: Flatirons Crossing

    Dec 15,

    6-8 pm
    Chanukah / Shabbat Dinner $20

    Our cooking skills will be put to the test as we prepare our own Chanukah/ Shabbat dinner complete with challah and latkes. This beautiful evening that will combine the festive spirit of the holiday and the meaningful traditions that accompany it.
    Jan 20,
    1-3 pm

    Boondocks $30

    The Magic number for Boondocks is 300. Why? Because we’re going to bowl a 300, we’re going to score 300 points in laser tag, and we’re going to earn 300 tickets to win epic prizes! Going to Boondocks is always a great adventure, and it will be even more spectacular when the Adventure Rabbi Teens take over!

    Location: Boondocks

    Feb 24,
    1-3 pm

    Indoor Bouldering $18

    Pit your climbing skills against your friend's when we visit ABC Bouldering Gym. There are hundreds of routes to try, which means there will be something for every level climber.

    ABC Bouldering Gym

    March 1,
    6-8:30 pm

    ARK Purim Carnival Free

    Adventure Rabbi Kids enjoys a fun carnival each year complete with costumes, carnival games and prizes. Our tens get to help run the whole thing from manning the alligator pit to handing out tickets and prizes all in one really fun night.

    Bear Creek Elementary School gym
    2500 Table Mesa Dr, Boulder, CO 80305

    April 27 -29,

    Camping at Sand Dunes $175

    A new program this year, the Teen Group is driving to the Great Sand Dunes for a weekend of camping, s’mores, campfire stories, and friendship. We’re so excited for this new opportunity! Parent driver/chaperons needed!

    May 12,

    1-3 pm

    Get Air $28 (NEW LOCATION!!!)

    We are going to bounce our way through Get Air for hours of trampoline fun!

    Location: 2251 Ken Pratt Boulevard, Longmont, CO 80503

    June 3,

    11-5 pm (2 hr shifts)

    Boulder Jewish Festival - Free
    If you’ve never been to the Boulder Jewish Festival, it’s quite a sight to behold. Jewish organizations from Boulder, Denver, and from miles around converge on the Pearl Street Mall for a day of fun, food, and getting to know the community. Adventure Rabbi has a tent right by the music stand and the best food trucks and our teens get to home base there and talk to everyone about how fun our programming is. Slots are 2 hours each, but you can sign up for as many as you like with as many AR teens as you want!

    June 15,

    6-8:30 pm

    Shabbat on Flagstaff and Picnic $5 (Free for members)

    Our final event of the year and first of next year is spent with the entire AR community. We'll join together in song and prayer for a beautiful Friday night service led by Rabbi Jamie Korngold on Flagstaff, followed by a delicious picnic-style dinner (BYO) and lots of schmoozing! We also welcome the graduates of the 2016-2017 Adventure B'nai Mitzvah class and invite them to join our group.

    Teen Program- Member ($199) Note: Must be a member for 2017 & 2018. Your card will automatically be charged on 1/1/18.
    Teen Program- Non-Member ($299)

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    - Refunds are not available unless you purchase $36 tuition insurance, in which case classes will be pro-rated and you will receive refund for remaining classes, minus $36.
    - Limited financial aid is available

Please Consider a Membership for Your Teen
to the Adventure Rabbi Program.

Let us tell you why this is both:

  • Cost Effective
  • Helps Sustain the Adventure Rabbi Program

Our membership year runs from January - December.

But even if you sign up now, there's lots of great events that you can still attend for free, including:

  • Summer Flagstaff Services
  • Winter Shabbat Services
  • Rosh Hashanah
  • Yom Kippur (Kol Nidre, Teen Program)

+ You'll save a bit on tuition.

... And if you don't use all of the included events, you can convert the membership into an end-of-year tax deduction of up to $236

More information about membership is here >>

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    About Elaine Barenblat, Adventure Educator:

    Elaine is a full-time Adventure Educator, serving our base in Boulder, CO and our ever-growing Distance Learning community.

    Elaine is adored by our students because she makes learning fun and genuinely cares about their experience. Her enthusiasm for Jewish learning has brought an extra spark to ARK.

    In addition to ARK, Elaine tutors many of our students in Hebrew, runs our teen program and mentors our interns.

    Elaine Barenblat - Adventure Educator
    Elaine Barenblat, Adventure Educator

    Elaine brings with her a deep love for the outdoors and a passion for teaching in new and innovative ways. She loves working in an out-of-the-box, experiential program, with endless opportunities to make Judaism connect for our youth.

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    Other Opportunities for Adventure Kids:

    Learn Hebrew
    via Skype or in Boulder
    Private Hebrew Tutoring

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    Adventure Bar and Bat Mitzvah
    Individual or Group
    Local or Distance Learning
    Hebrew or Non-Hebrew options
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