Hebrew Tutors

Hebrew Tutor: In Person or Online

The Adventure Rabbi Program provides high quality, efficient Hebrew Tutoring both online or in person, from master level teachers.

Efficient & Proven

Studies have shown that the most efficient way to learn Hebrew in preparation for Bar or Bat Mitzvah is one-on-one with a tutor. Using the ever-improving technology of the Internet, the Adventure Rabbi has been providing on-line Hebrew education since 2002.

Excellent Curriculum

We use a combination of Behrman House’s Aleph-Bet Quest online edition and personalized training to help students all over the world achieve their Hebrew goals. We work with students with no prior knowledge as well as students who have attended years of Jewish Day School and need only coaching on their prayers and Torah verses.

No More Carpools!

We have students as far away as Iraq, Bangkok, Canada, and as close as a mile away. When parents don’t have time to drive, video conferencing on the computer makes lessons easy and accessible. When parents are less stressed, students are less stressed and Hebrew training becomes far more enjoyable.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Hebrew Tutor – In Person or Online

Meet our Fabulous Tutors

Rabbi Stacy Bergman

“Working with Adventure Rabbi students is such a joy! They ask the best questions. I love opening the world of Judaism up to them in a fun and accessible way!”

Available via video conferencing or in person in Armonk NY. $70/hr, $65 for Adventure Rabbi Members. Discounts for shared lessons.

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David Spiegler

“I love to teach. There is nothing more exciting than those first moments when a student grasps an idea that opens up new worlds of understanding.”

Available via video conferencing or in person in Arvada CO. Sets his own fees.

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Elaine Barenblat

“B’nai Mitzvah studies offer an exciting adventure filled with friendship, fun and achievement.”

Available at Adventure Rabbi Headquarters in South Boulder or via video conferencing. $70/hr, $65 for Adventure Rabbi Members. Discounts for shared lessons.

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Janiece Gratch

“Teaching is such a joy! When I teach a student, the learning extends beyond the year, beyond the ceremony. We build competence and confidence for life.”

Available via video conferencing or in person in Oklahoma City OK. $70/hr, $65 for Adventure Rabbi Members. Discounts for shared lessons.

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Program Details

TIME: How Many Months of Hebrew Do You Recommend?

The formula is simple:
More time = Less stress.
Less time = More stress.

No Hebrew Background: 18- 24 Months

If your student has no Hebrew training, then 18 months to 2 years of Hebrew, one hour session once a week, is preferable. This time line enables us to enjoy the first six months leisurely learning to read, leaving a full year for prayers and Torah. If your Bar and Bat Mitzvah student has minimal Jewish learning in general, this early start also enable us to have time to learn other Jewish subjects such as History, Bible stories, culture and holidays.

Fast Track: 10 Months

Despite the advantages of more time, there are plenty of students who go from not knowing the aleph-bet to completing their Bar and Bat Mitzvah Hebrew tutoring in 10 months, one hour, once a week. This is tight, and more stressful. Students need to be prepared to push and be diligent, but it is possible. Most students have to give up some other activity in their lives to pull this off. There will be little time for general Jewish learning, but some students elect to add an extra hour for general Jewish studies.

Already Proficient in Hebrew: 7 months

Students who have already mastered Hebrew use Hebrew tutoring to polish their prayers and learn their Torah portion. Generally, students from Jewish Day schools or religious schools with solid Hebrew schools, tutor for 7 months preceding their ceremony.


Students in the 18-24 month program and those who begin already proficient in Hebrew will succeed if they commit to 15 – 30 minutes of homework, at a regular time, in a regular place, 4-7 nights a week. Students in the fast track program need to be prepared to study for an hour a night for 10 months.


Scheduling for individual families is done directly with your tutor. Most students keep the same slot each week. Although this is not always possible, studying at the same time, in the same place, tends to help students focus. You can of course make changes for vacation and sickness, although we do require advance notice if you wish to reschedule so your slot can be offered to someone else.


$70 – One Hour Private
$65 – Adventure Judaism Members
$52 per student – One Hour Semi-Private (2 students)
$42 per student – One Hour 3 students
$36 per student – One Hour 4 students

For Elaine’s sessions held in your home add an additional (only available for last session of the evening):
$25 (South Boulder)
$30 (North Boulder and Louisville)
$40 (Lafayette)
Locations in Denver or beyond: We charge $65/hour travel fee

Other Great Tutors:

Fees in Boulder range from $40 to $100. For $40 you sometimes can find a college student who may be great but also might disappear for vacation right when you were counting on them. We have found that many of the least expensive tutors require a great deal of oversight from the parents to make sure the students get all their work done on time. If you pick a tutor not on our list, please make sure Elaine approves the tutor’s abilities.

A Few Thoughts:

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Hebrew Tutoring with the Adventure Judaism is fun, efficient, attainable, and meaningful. No more carpools, no more schlepping, no more classmates slowing down your son and daughter’s progress or pushing the teacher too fast so that your son or daughter is missing details they need to know.

Your Bar or Bat Mitzvah student will be taught Hebrew by a professional adult, not a college student who just loves Hebrew and is looking to pick up a few extra dollars, while eagerly learning how to teach. We think learning Hebrew can and should be an enjoyable, transformative experience for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah student and your entire family. With the Adventure Rabbi Hebrew Tutoring Program, it will be.

Please feel free to email or call with questions or to request a complimentary 10-minute session.